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Fabrizio J. Fustinoni


Fabrizio J. Fustinoni

formerly an author and ghostwriter with over fifteen years of experience in the sector, he is the editorial director of Resalio Produzioni. Through a few questions we try to learn more about the goals he and his group want to achieve.



First of all, let's start with the name… Resalio. Why did you choose it?

Because it fully represents the spirit that we want to impress on the entire project. The Latin term
“Resalio” (from which the better known word “resilience” derives) is a verb associated with a precise image, that is to get back on an overturned boat. We worked on this project before the dark period of the pandemic, then throughout the year 2020 when Covid seemed to take over everything and finally we decided to be born, forgetting the difficulties that each of us had faced both at the level
personal than professional. We got back on an overturned boat, and now we are ready to go there
road we want.

Here, let's talk about this road.

What are the professional objectives of RESALIO PRODUZIONI?

First of all they are clear and precise. We want to bring out those who have talent, both in the narrative and musical fields. We want to work on modern artistic projects, with an eye to the most felt social themes.
For this reason we work side by side with authors, musicians and actors so that synergy can be created between these three worlds. We are a publishing house (therefore we publish novels, poetry books and manuals) but also a music label (producing talented emerging singers), passing from the world of actors (with the production of theatrical works, short films and themed video clips). We are convinced that Italy has numerous hidden talents who perhaps have not yet had the opportunity to fully demonstrate the true potential they possess.

An awkward question: you are one of the many realities that then ask for money from artists eager to
to emerge?

Absolutely not. We believe that the first effort (in terms of time, money and commitment) must come from us Publishers. The artist needs to be accompanied, so we are the ones who invest in him. That's right, that's ethical. Of course, we will open classes and courses in various artistic sectors, with trained professionals who will be able to teach their art, but this has nothing to do with the investment that a publishing house has a moral duty to make. Courses will be open to all, because RESALIO PRODUZIONI wants to help those who want to improve. It is understood, however, that an artist never has to pay to see his art form flourish.

Whether he is a writer, a musician or an actor, no one should ever do that; I invite all emerging artists to doubt those who ask for money in exchange for publication or "fame".

Let's move on to a worse question: why do you consider yourself to be better than other publishers who may have been on the market for many years?

We don't think we are better than anyone. We consider ourselves, without a shadow of a doubt, absolutely prepared. After fifteen years behind the scenes (writing novels, scripts and songs often as a ghostwriter) I was able to study publishing reality from a more lucid point of view. This allows me to give the group that works with me a well-defined idea of what RESALIO has to propose. There is a lot of ambition, we know we will do well and this pushes us to keep the bar high. I have chosen a staff of competent people with a positive mental energy; we select the artists following the same yardstick; we produce events and artistic projects by adopting the same vision model. That's why we only aim to be better than ourselves, day in and day out.

You have already mentioned that you are interested in social issues. Can you tell us something about it?

Yes, I am convinced of two things: we must work with a profound moral ethics and, where possible, support worthy works through the activity we carry out. For this reason, every year several of our editorial productions will be used to support local or national charitable projects.

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Fabrizio J. Fustinoni

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